• Dunhuang. A City on the Silk Road.

    For more than a millenium, Dunhuang on the ancient Silk Road was one of the ancient world's most important meeting places of East and West. This unique history is reflected in today’s city which is again hosting a growing number of Silk Road explorers attracted by a unique cultural legacy.

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  • Hong Village, Flanked by the Yellow Mountain.

    Huangshan’s sea of clouds billowing around pine trees and mysterious and precipitous rock peaks is considered the quintessence of Chinese landscape beauty. Less well known is that the region around the mountain contains one of the most well preserved ancient villages and towns in China.

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  • Guilin, China's Otherworldly Masterpiece.

    Since the 1980s, Guilin’s reputation as the quintessence of Chinese pastoral beauty has made it one of the country’s top travel destinations. The idyllic countryside near Yangshuo is a sublime spot for cycling, hiking and boating, while the karst hills offer spectacular climbing and caving.

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Get off the beaten track in China

Hidden away among high-rise apartment towers and busy highways, the China of our imaginations lives on. The development of high-speed rail has made it possible for visitors to explore far beyond the major cities and tourist hubs. Meet China guides provide detailed directions and information about culture and history.

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  • "Must-read guides for history and travel buffs. Hong Kong-based publisher Make-Do Publishing has just published Ancient China: Towns, one book in a series including Ancient China: Villages and Ancient China: Cities. The books aim to provide novel travel tips for the adventurous alongside the towns’ histories."

    - Time Out
  • "With pictures, mini-histories of a good number of cities, villages and towns, and fun facts, these books are an informative read for anyone interested in China, regardless of how extensively you plan to travel. And with detailed travel instructions by bus, train, taxi or heiche from the nearest large city to place names and key phrases in Mandarin written in both pinyin and characters, they serve as useful, practical tools for getting around. We’re excited about checking out some of the towns and villages we read about this fall."

    - City Weekend
  • Allelujah! With full train and ferry schedules to get there, subway maps, food guides, big pretty pictures, business addresses and phone numbers for hotels, museums, shops, hostels, adventure contacts, historic sites, nightlife destinations etc., you won’t need any other guide.”

    - The Wanderlister

Meet China

Meet China is a new series of travel guides from Make-Do Publishing with a unique focus on China’s glorious cultural legacy. Every village, town and city, in a Chiina seared by modernity, bears the mark of an ancient way of life.

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